Sea Cargo Handling

Nepal is a landlocked country and must of the freight comes through multi-mode transport. Sea cargo is one of the cost effective logistics service. Sea Cargo is the most versatile transportation option when it comes to carrying a wide range of commodities. However, in order to carry a cargo from the starting line to destination, many modes of transport are needed. This means that ocean transport is more a component of the multi modal shipping rather than the single means of transport. Sea Cargo plays essential role in the import and export of goods around the world, lowering the costs and linking growers, producers, and consumers.


We have branch office at Kolkata Port for dedicated sea cargo handling service. We believe in Long term relationship based on trust, trust and reliability. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization we are highly dedicated towards customer satisfaction and continual improvement in our service through implementation of new technology and expert human resource.  USF offers sea freight forwarding and sea shipping solution for the clients around the world. Our reliable sea cargo handling services ensure that your goods reach any continent in the world safely and on time. We provide a FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load) and special project transport solutions tailored to your needs. Our team has vast experience in shipping virtually all types of industrial and consumer goods.


USF has the team of experienced and expert member who use wide contacts, associates and extensive vendor network for reliable, efficient and safe sea shipment. We provide our clients all the information regarding the current situation of market and service details while dealing with only well-established sea carriers, freight transporter and sea freight shipping. We rely on extensive planning to make our service reliable and fast. Our sea cargo is always supported by comprehensive end to end delivery service with marine insurance coverage. Due to our long-standing relationships with a range of carriers, we can act flexibly, offer secured vessel space, and make use of large volumes to negotiate the best conditions for your ocean freight shipments.


Sea Cargo Handling


  • Branch In Kolkata Port
  • Door-to-door
  • Port-to-Door
  • Station-to-Door