Break Bulk Cargo

We undertake required determination and commitment, as well as solid knowledge of specific ports and shipping lines. Our break bulk cargo service teams in Nepal makes themselves available at all times throughout the process and also travel to port to ensure that cargo is properly secured and safely stowed on board.


Break bulk cargo is defined as general cargo or goods that do not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Break bulk cargo (or ‘project cargo’) is freight which is too large to be transported on a single flat rack or platform. Typically, break bulk cargo is loaded across multiple flat racks on the deck of a vessel and then secured for shipment. Sometimes on a skid or pallet or in a crate. Examples of break bulk cargo include construction equipment, manufacturing materials, over sized vehicles, boats, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines and more. In the early days of shipping, ocean-going cargo was most commonly break bulk. But, with the increased use of more efficient and secure shipping containers in the late 1960s, it is now generally reserved for cargo that is too heavy or large to fit in a container. Though an effective method of shipping over sized cargo, break bulk shipping is more time-intensive than container shipping because each piece must be loaded and unloaded individually, oftentimes with special equipment.


Break Bulk Cargo was the most common method of ocean freight transportation before the rise of large container ships. It is also more labor intensive than full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipping, it is often the best shipping choice when products are too large, heavy, or irregularly  shaped to fit in a standard container, or if the products need to be transported to a minimally-developed port that can’t accommodate container ships. If you need  break bulk cargo in Nepal, let United Shipping and Forwarding facilitate the move from beginning to end. With our years of experience and extensive professional network in the break bulk cargo in Nepal forwarding industry, we know how to transport your shipment safely and at the lowest possible cost to you. USF is dedicated to the quality service to our customers.


Break Bulk Cargo


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