Documentation Service

Documentation is a mandatory in freight forwarding and shipping. Most of time it a first step in the process, which starts with inquires about buying of products. So transportation either domestically or internationally the delivery must be accompanied by the relevant documentation. The amount of documentation may vary depending on country to country. There may be other specific documents to prepare before you can export your goods. These may be identified in the sales contract you negotiated with your buyer, documents required under the terms of a letter of credit or other payment options, or forms requested by the freight forwarder. USF provide complete document service from starting to delivery of goods to the destination.


Documents required for shipment to Nepal include a commercial invoice, a customs declaration form (CDF), clearly marked and labeled packaging, and a certificate of origin.  Similarly, exported items sent by air require a CDF, a copy of the export license (if applicable), a commercial invoice, a certificate of origin, a copy of the letter of credit or advance payment statement from a bank, a foreign exchange declaration form, a packing list, a photocopy of the income tax registration certificate, an airway bill, and an authorization letter.


Nepal does not require open general licenses for imports. Traders need to show their general export/import permits and taxpayer’s certificate to import goods.  If the end user – for example, a project office, company, or institution - is importing goods directly, it will have to produce a copy of its corporate registration certificate and taxpayer’s certificate in order to obtain both foreign currency approval from Nepal Rastra Bank (Nepal's central bank) and customs clearance of the consignment.The incomplete document is the major problem faced by businesses while shipping. And most of time it occurs due to insufficient knowledge about the procedure involved. With years of experience, we have been providing documentation service for our customers for smooth shipment.


Documentation Service


  • Customs Declaration Form (CDF)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Letter of authority